Watson Realty Corp. Testimonials

Cliff brings years of experience and expertise to a home buying experience but what makes him truly unique is his unparallel work ethic, sparing no time or effort coupled with hard to come by transparency sincerity and dedication to you and your goals, if you can appreciate the personal touch of a realtor who has your interest in mind and is focused on highest quality service then this is a good choice for you


I've had dealings with realtors before.

Never with a realtor like Cliff. This man is on top of his game. He answers and or returns your calls personally. He does everything possible for his clients. When he told me and my wife to please stand back and let him work his "MOJO", he was not kidding. He negotiated a deal for the house we fell in love with and Cliff made it happen in 26 days. Now that's "MOJO"! Call Cliff and believe me you will be happy and satisfied.


Cliff is a knowledgeable and no nonsense guy when it comes to Real estate, has a wonderful sense of humor and will keep you focused on the details of your buying experience.

Will go out of his way to explain the "Home buying issues"and not talk down to you for lack of knowledge. He was with us every step of the way,even with somethings he did not have to be. You will enjoy working with Cliff. HAPPY HOUSE HUNTING.


Cliff is one of the best.

He listens to what you want and will find you the best deal and the best location including what you want. To him its not just about selling the house, he takes it very personally. He helps you with every aspect and gives you the best people to work with everything. It is making the process very smooth. He is very generous as he is helping me take care of my recently bought property for two months until I move. I really appreciate everything he did for me. Any future work that I will need I will go back to Cliff. I highly recommend him especially for first-time buyers that don't really know what to do. I can't stress enough how great Cliff is. He knows his profession really well. I can't express how happy I am with Cliff.


As an international real estate investor I can say that Cliff is one of the best, if not THE best Realtor I've ever worked with.

Very professional, hones, always available and does whatever needed to close a deal and to follow up after the deal is done. I can't think of any better Realtor to do business in central Florida and I highly recommend him.

Robert Rabin

I live 3000 miles from Orlando and wanted to buy a property in the area as an investment and vacation home.

After speaking with a few local agents, Cliff immediately stuck me as someone I could trust to work for me with integrity and I was certainly not disappointed. Cliff provided excellent advice and service, spending the time to work remotely with me to find appropriate listing of potential properties. On a quick visit shortly afterward, Cliff showed me the selection we had narrowed down. From that point is was a short two weeks from offer to close, I would not hesitate to recommend Cliff, he is an excellent realtor, grounded by sound advice a wealth of experience and he is a true pleasure to deal with.


Just awesome!

Enthusiastic, friendly, expert, responsive, and passionate– the first few words that come to my mind as I’m writing my review for Cliff. For a first time home buyer and someone that worries about things even when there is nothing to worry about, my mind was always at ease working with Cliff. Any questions I had were answered in a matter of minutes. No where do you find that level of customer service these days. He literally made me feel like I was the only person he was working with to help find a home, when clearly, that is not the case. If you use Cliff and his team you will not be disappointed, actually, you will likely feel more at ease knowing that he is working for you. The whole team has a level of professionalism that is unparalleled. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn’t be happier with our country home; it’s just what we wanted!!

laurie shaver

Our experience with Cliff could not have been any better.

We started out looking for properties in a very narrow spectrum. Cliff was very knowledgeable with what we were looking for was upfront in telling us it was going to be difficult to find. We asked him to search anyways. He did and found us a home to look at barely outside of what we were looking for but seemed to fit the bill just fine. We went ahead and made an offer on the property (Brand new home) and per Cliff's recommendations, ordered a property inspection. Low and behold, we found there to be an ENORMOUS mistake made when the home was built which would have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. With his advice, we backed out and moved on to our search. Within a several days, we were looking at other properties. None of these were what we were looking for either so we decided to sit tight until other properties became available. Less than 24 hours later, we received a call from him stating he had stumbled on a deal that had just fallen through and we NEED to look at it. We did and less than a week later purchased the home, at a deep discount, with his negotiations and couldn't be happier. Being a real estate professional myself (Development consulting), I was very impressed with his professionalism, demeanor and diligence in staying on top of the arising situations. Most professionals in Florida get back to you when it's convenient for them... Cliff made himself available whenever we needed him and because of that, we felt like his only client. Thank you and would highly recommend.

will schinagl

Cliff is professional, knowledgeable, aggressive in negotiation and insightful in research.

Your transaction will be custom tailored to your needs with Cliff. You will not be disappointed with his service. I trust him, have dealt with him for years and would refer my closest friends and family to his expertise.

John Weaver

A trusted friend recommended Cliff Clover, and we are very glad that he did.

Cliff was honest and straight forward. He is a family man and could easily relate to all the moving issues and concerns with finding a good neighborhood and house for my wife and children. Cliff's extensive experience was obvious and saved us from wasting time- and with a toddler and an infant, we didn't have time to waste. He is no nonsense. He told us straight forward every time what the process was, how long it might take, and the problems with certain "to good to be true" homes listed on the web. Auction scams, bait and switch - we had no idea what to avoid, but as we discovered there are alot of traps. We are now in our new home and grateful that the process didn't absorb all our time and energy. Thank you Cliff for helping us find the home we now love.


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